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Once Upon a Groom (Harlequin Special Edition)

Once Upon a Groom - Karen Rose Smith When Jenny Farber calls Zach Decker, asking him to come home, he never questions her...he just heads home. When he finds out why she calls him home (she suspects there is something wrong with his father) he leaves just as fast as he got there.

Fast forward three months and we have Zach once again receiving a call from Jenny. This time it's to tell him that his father has had a heart attack and to come home.

Once home, Zach is forced to re-evaluate everything he thought he knew about the life and people he left behind in Miner's Bluff, especially the hold that a certain Jenny Farber has had over him.

I'm sure for readers of the Harlequin Special Edition books, this will be a sweet story that many will enjoy. It has high school sweethearts returning to one another after jumping over some of the hurdles that were in their way before. A son forgives his father in hopes of rekindling their relationship. Cute, cute, cute.

For me, I was hung up on the fact that Zach didn't seem all that mad about Jenny not telling him about the "big secret". I won't reveal it here, but I truly think that would have been a bit more of an issue than Jenny not moving to California with Zach. I also didn't like the fact that Zach could only say he loved Jenny when it seemed like she was in immediate danger, prior to that he was ready to fly off for his documentary project.

It's a cute, sweet story of two people who remember what is means to connect with someone and open your heart.

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