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Rock Me

Rock Me  - Cherrie Lynn Evan Carlton, Earl of Westgard, has come back after leaving England for the continent to escape the person he had become.

Lady Elaine Warren has suffered being the butt of everyone's jokes in silence since her first season. That season, Evan Carlton lead the brigade of those who made it their goal to torment her. So to see him back has brought back all the ugliness of that first season. So she's shocked when he comes to her rescue at a house party, declaring that he was wrong all those years ago to tease and laugh at her the way he did.

What shocks her even more is the declaration he makes to her, vowing that he only treated her that way to hide the way he felt. Not trusting Evan, no matter how much he seems to have changed, she tells him they can only be friends. Though it's not what he wants, he agrees with her.

Evan and Elaine to break your heart at the beginning of this story. Both of them are tormented by their past. Elaine by the jokes, snickers and names she's endured and Evan by his part is tormenting Elaine. And Evan, try as he might, can't see to prove to Elaine that he's not the same man anymore. It's only when he calls in a favor that Elaine truly sees the depth of his feelings for her and she understands what's she's feeling for him.

An enjoyable short read!

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