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Where Demons Fear to Tread

Where Demons Fear to Tread  - Stephanie Chong Serena St Clair found herself with a new position a year ago, that of Guardian Angel, after losing her life saving a family who had just been in a car accident. Her latest assignee, Nick, is a young Hollywood star with a fondness for woman, booze and drugs. This makes is a bit hard for Serena to keep an eye on him when she's supposed to be just his yoga instructor and his vices go against everything she believes.

Unfortunately, Nick's vices play right into the hands of Arch demon Julian Ascher. Julian has spent his "demon" life corrupting the lives of people just like Nick. He plays to their weakness and steals their souls, cementing his place in demon hierarchy.

I really liked Julian, even when he was at his worst demon ways. I just didn't see him fitting with Serena. I'm not sure if it was because was so very zen and embodied everything that was goodness, where Julian was not, but it just seemed that even when redeemed she and Julian wouldn't mesh. That was biggest issue with this book.

The drama surrounding the other demons and the struggle to "save" Nick were good (although Nick was a just a tad too whiny for me). Luciana is a great villain and was the perfect bitch. I could have used a little more of her in the story, since she was so delightfully bad.

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