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From This Moment On: The Sullivans, Book 2

From This Moment On: The Sullivans, Book 2 - Bella Andre Marcus Sullivan, oldest brother of the Sullivan family, is the caregiver of the family. It's been his role since his father died when he was a teenager. He's taken care of his mother and his seven brothers/sisters to ensure they are all happy. The only person he hasn't really taken care of was himself. He found a woman who he though fit his mold of the perfect wife/mother, but never stopped to consider if that was really what he wanted until he discovered her cheating on him. From that moment, Marcus' life took a complete turn from where he thought it was going. Marcus can be a stubborn ass and often speaks/acts without completely thinking things through (which tends to have somewhat disastrous results), but he still at his heart is that person who wants to take care of everyone he loves, including a sensitive pop star.

Nicola, aka pop sensation Nico, has trust issues and is tired of living her life as her on-stage persona rather than herself. When she sets her site on Marcus in a club, she figures she'll have a one night stand and act like everything thinks she should. But what we realize is that Nicola is not some hardened woman who can sleep with someone without an emotional connection. And no matter how hard she tries to fight it, she starts forming an emotional connection with Marcus, which leads to her being hurt (pretty badly at times) by the one man she wants to trust.

If you thought Chase and Chloe were hot in Sullivan #1, prepare to be hosed down from the flames that fly off Marcus and Nicola. It's always those stuffy suit types that will shock the hell out of you in the bedroom and Marcus will not disappoint.

Bella Andre has created wonderful characters in this new series that will suck you into their story from the very first paragraph.

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