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Swear - Nina Malkin I will admit, I didn't read the first book in the series, but I don't think that would have made a difference (other than maybe not reading this one).

Dice has spent the last six months missing the boy who stole her heart. She's not sure where he is or if he's coming back, but at times she can still feel him...especially when she's throwing herself into music. She dreams about him and the blue bruise he left on the inside of her thigh is still a tender reminder of him. But the disappearance of her best friend's boyfriend gives her something else to focus on.

While Dice and her friend's worry over the disappearance of Marsh's boyfriend, Dice finds herself the object of Tosh's interest. She can't discount her feelings for Sin, but he's not there so she figures she has to move on. Suddenly, with one kiss from Tosh, Dice's love life becomes a lot more complicated, as Sin reappears and is quite upset with Ms. Dice.

Dice soon enlists Sin to help her figure out where Crane is (since it's been determined that he was kidnapped by the ghosts in the house). The problem is, that causes Sin to become involved with a ghost from him past in hopes that Crane will be brought back to them.

To me, this story was a jumbled mess. I get that it was written for teenagers and at times, teenagers ramble and carry on but knowing teenagers act that way and having a story written like that was painful. Maybe if Pen has passed cig-a-weed to me, I would have had no problem following the flow of this book.

I'm pretty sure, that if it was discovered that some freaky ghost kidnapped my brother, friend, boyfriend (pick whichever one of those would apply) I would be seriously mad and out to get a little revenge. I certainly wouldn't be inviting the specter to come live with me or take her wedding dress shopping or any of the other things the "gang" did.

I'm also positive that had Sin been the love of my life, I certainly wouldn't go along with the little romance he had to have with the ghost (I can't even remember her name, isn't that sad??) in order to try and save Crane. It was all just a little too bizarre for me.

Too flightly, jumbled and nonsensical for me.

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