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Lessons in Indiscretion (The Merry Widows)

Lessons in Indiscretion (The Merry Widows) - Karen Erickson Julia and Garrett have known each other since she was a newly married 19 year old and he 14. Now, 31 and widowed, Julia finds herself contemplating a tryst with the oh so handsome Garrett the last two weeks of the season. She finds him very attractive and he’s been paying attention to her at the ton events, so she figures now is her chance for a little excitement before everyone leaves London for their country estates and she’s left all alone.

Garrett only wants one woman and that’s Julia. When she suggests their affair, he figures he’s gotten what he wants. But with the season about to come to a close and their number of days together about to end, Garrett realizes he can’t go without having Julia with him, always. The trick is going to be convincing her she’s worth it to be with him.

This is a very, very quick read. Although it wasn’t bad, I felt like I was missing something (for those who may not have read any of my other novella reviews, I think this is a problem on my part, since I keep expecting to get more). I needed something about Julia and Garrett’s history. Why did she feel unworthy? What did Garrett see when he spied on his father and Julia’s husband? (I have an idea and would explain why she never conceived).

Not bad overall, but I really wanted more.

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