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In Seconds (Bulletproof)

In Seconds - Brenda Novak Laurel Hodges has been on the run for the past four years. Running from a past that has nothing to do with her or her children, but one that could claim all three of them at any moment. Having left WitSec (Witness Protection), along with her brother and ex-boyfriend, she's determine to build a life for herself and her children regardless of who's after them.

Myles King, Sheriff of Pineview, Montana, has had a thing for his neighbor Vivian for the past two years. Little does he know Vivian is hiding a secret, one that could be explosive for this his sleepy little town.

Best laid plans and all that come crashing around Pineview when two members of The Crew (a prison gang that Laurel's wrongly accused brother once belonged to) break out of jail and start searching for Laurel. They'll use Laurel (or rather her remains) as a torture device against her brother and his friend Rex.

Can Laurel survive Ink and Lyle (the Crew members)? Will Vivian/Laurel hook up with dreamy Sheriff Myles? Will Rex break his drug addiction?

These are all questions that come up in this story, but honestly I didn't really care. It could be that I never read the first book in this series, Inside, but even still shouldn't I care about these plot points? Then there were some plot issues. A big time criminal breaks out of jail and there isn't some massive all point bulletin posted? The local sheriff of a small town has to post his own flyers?????

This one was definitely not for me!

2.5 Cocktails

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