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Cold in California (The Twice-Baked Vampire Series)

Cold in California - Deborah Riley-Magnus How would you like to have your immortal existence wiped out by a broken baseball bat during a Chicago Cubs game? That's what happened to Gabriel Strickland. He figured he was on his way to his eternal death, but he instead found himself lying on a sidewalk in sunny Southern California.

Gabriel soon learns that immortal creatures don't necessarily die when the eternal death comes. Instead they could be sent to the "tank" where they wait their eternal judgement. Of course, it's not a quick judgement so you have to do something while you're waiting. Which is why Gabriel finds himself at the City of Angels Employment Agency.

Dori Gallagher loves her work at City of Angels Employment Agency. She may not have much of a life outside of the office, but at the office she's fabulous at what she does. When she meet Gabriel Strickland, there's an instant attraction and she decides for one in her life she's going to go for it. What she doesn't realize is how deeply entrenched Gabriel is in the world of the supernatural and how that world is about to knock on her door.

There were a lot of twist and turns to this story. Some of them were predictable and others came out of the blue. While the story of Gabriel and Dori kept me entertained and I truly care about them and what happened with the residents of the Tank, I could have done without the storyline of Nathan and the unruly Vampire nation.

Gabriel was great as the vampire trying to deal with not only his new existence at the Tank, but also his developing relationship with Dori and his sudden promotion to being the man in charge at the Tank. He was complex, dark and utterly lovable (even if he was in a daze most of the time).

If you like your paranormal romance with a little bit of everything in it and a tortured vampire just trying to find his place, this story is for you.

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