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Can't Take The Heat (A Sexy Contemporary Romance) (Brooklyn Heat)

Can't Take The Heat (A Sexy Contemporary Romance) (Brooklyn Heat) - Locklyn Marx Jay Haven is the bad boy of the Brooklyn Heat. He's gotten some bad press lately, so the team had taken on a journalist in hopes of getting some much needed good press for both Jay and the team. Problem is, when Jay meet Alyssa Cotler, the journalist writing the columns on the team, he's less than professional. That results in Alyssa writing a column that is honest in her interaction with Jay, but doesn't paint him as a stellar individual.

Alyssa is trying to prove herself with this assignment, but Jay Haven keeps sidetracking her. Sure, she wrote that first column after he was way over-the-top with her, but whenever she gets near Jay she feels a pull to him. Even after she promised her editor that she would not fraternize with the players, she finds herself having a late night "swim" with Jay. But even after that, he leaves her wondering if Jay's like her ex and will engulf her in everything Jay or if she can really have it all.

This book was pretty good until it abruptly ended. Jay and Alyssa had spent the night together and then there was some big trouble that just erupted. Then, with practically two short paragraphs, we were at the epilogue and everything was nice and tidy. I'm not sure if the author had a hard stop on the page count or what happened, but it was very disappointing to finally get engaged with this couple to have it end the way it did. That took away from the entire story and ultimately resulted in the low rating.

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