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Something So Right

Something So Right - Elyse Mady When we first meet our heroine, Kathleen Turner, it's just as she face plants herself into the crotch of one of the partners at the law firm Gage, Kirk and Trent. The partner, Blane Kirk is gorgeous and clearly not impressed with their newest employee. Kathleen is horrified and spends the next six months avoiding him. Unfortunately her luck of avoiding him runs out when she does his secretary a favor and Blane finds Kathleen typing up his memos instead of his secretary.

Kathleen's luck just goes downhill from there. Her neighbor is murdered and it's Kathleen that discovers her. It's that murder that sucks Kathleen into a mystery that involves her employer, a couple of scary mob boys and maybe, just maybe Blane himself. As Kathleen works with try and figure out what happen to her neighbor Sheila, she's also fighting the feeling she has for Blane and the attraction she has for the dark avenging angel that seems to be following her.

This was a very entertaining sorry. There was just the right amount of mystery/intrigue, comedy and romance to keep your attention. Once you start reading this, you're immediately drawn into the life of Kathleen Turner and rooting for her, whether it's with her relationship with Blaine, dressing up as Brittany Spears for Halloween or evading the bad guys.

This is one of those books that grabs you right away and you find yourself having a hard time putting down. I'm looking forward to what the next book in this series brings.

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