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True Surrender

True Surrender - Tracey Cramer-Kelly Aaron Bricewick joined the Army to try and make the world a better place, he never expected that he would need to be rescue by US Forces. Having been kidnapped and tortured, Aaron is flown back to Southern California to be treated at Holbrook Medical Center. It's there that he faces losing his leg and having to readjust to his new way of life. It takes not only Aaron, but his college sweetheart, Holly Rossiter and her son to help Aaron re-evaluate his life.

When I finished this book, I felt extreme gratitude to those serving in our Armed Forces. What Aaron went through both at the hands of the terrorists that kidnapped him and by his own best friend was heartbreaking. He suffered from post traumatic stress and had to battle a possible addiction to pain killers. His only bright spot was rekindling his relationship with Holly Rossiter. His everyday battles seemed incredibly real and made you appreciate the spirit and rebuilding of faith in himself and others that got him to where he was at the end.

Holly had her own share of heartbreak, her husband being killed two years before in a gas station robbery, but she was more of a half glass full, rather than empty type of girl. She knew when to take a tough stance with Aaron and when to open her heart up to him.

A nice read that shows the resilience of the human spirit.

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