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JANE I'm-Still-Single JONES

Jane (I'm Still Single) Jones - Joan Reeves This story reminded me why I didn't go to my class reunion (well that and 3000 miles) and why I would kill my best friend if she ever did this to me.

Jane Jones is back home in Louisiana to attend her 10 year class reunion. Since graduating, she's built a prosperous design business in New York. The only thing missing in her life is someone to share it with. Although she doesn't want to admit it, she's still scarred by the broken relationship she had with her secret high school boyfriend.

So when gets to the 1st event to the reunion, she's presented with a name badge that announces that she's still single and she finds out her secret boyfriend will be attending the weekend festivities after all. She's even more put out when she discovers that her best friend is behind the awful name badge and knew Morgan Sherwood (secret high school boyfriend) was coming and never said anything to her.

What follows next is some comical events of Jane and Morgan trying to one up each other in a game where neither one of them really knows the rule. Throw in an ex-classmate trying to find herself husband #3 and Morgan's "girlfriend" and you've got a somewhat predictable story that was still fun and easy to read.

It's a great beach read or, if you're like me, while floating around in your pool with your kindle in a waterproof bag.

3 1/2 Cocktails

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