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Some Girls Bite (Chicagoland Vampires, Book 1)

Some Girls Bite - Chloe Neill So I’ve been reading reviews for the past year or so about this great vampire series set in Chicago. I’d looked at them, even read the first chapter, but always pushed the series back in my TBR pile for something else. What the hell was a I thinking??

We meet Merit right after she’s been turned into a vampire. She was attack while walking across the U of C campus and involuntarily turned in order to save her life. She’s dropped off, in haute couture, at the house she shares with her best friend, given the vampire reference guide, and left to her own devices.

The start of this ride is FANTASTIC.

Merit is the girl I wish I was, the girl I sometimes am and the girl I want to be. She’s sarcastic as hell, especially when she’s feeling threatened (the girl I am). She stands up for herself, in situations most would have back down from (the girl I wish I was) and she has sparked the interest of two very hot vampires...Master Ethan Sullivan, who is over Cardogan House (the house she’s part of) and second in command, Morgan of Navarre (the girl I want to be).

Chloe Neill sets up the storyline for the series beautifully in this first book. We meet the Ombudsman and his staff (a reluctant vampire we’ve yet to meet, an outcast sorcerer and a shapeshifter) who just happens to be Merit’s grandfather. We get to see the other vampire Houses in Chicago and how that leadership will play in the future. We also meet Merit’s father, Joshua Merit, who I have a feeling is going to play a major role down the road.

If you love vampire books, this is a great one. There isn’t a lot of romance, but the sexual tension is so thick, it seems to jump off the page. Onward to Friday Night Bites, the second in the series.

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