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Friday Night Bites (Chicagoland Vampires, Book 2)

Friday Night Bites (Chicagoland Vampires, Book 2) - Chloe Neill Where is that pesky 1/2 star when I need it. This book is so very a 4 1/2 stars!!!!

Friday Night Bites picks up pretty much where Some Girls Bite ended. Merit is about to move out of Mallory's house and into Cadagan House. As the Sentinel, it makes more sense to live on the property and inhabitants she's supposed to protect rather than being across town. Besides, catching Mallory and Catcher in the throws one too many times forced her hand.

What she doesn't expect, the night she moved into the House, is Ethan requesting that she enter her old life as part of the Merit family. Ethan wants to use her and the connection to her father to further his own agenda. What he didn't count on was threats being leveled against the vampires in his house, in particular, his Sentinel by someone from her past.

I enjoyed this one more than Some Girls Bite. The pace was much faster and sucked you right into the action. The interactions between Ethan and Merit flipped between "oh my God, do it already to oh my God, smack the crap out of him". Right smack dab in the middle of their tension, we've got the "required" dating of Morgan. Morgan who is so dang sweet that I part of me kept hoping Merit would drop this Ethan fascination and stick with Morgan.

I'm moving on to Twice Bitten. Can't wait to find out what happens!

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