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Beach Lane (Chesapeake Shores)

Beach Lane - Sherryl Woods When will I learn that a box of kleenex must be with you at all times when you read one of Sherryl Woods’ books? So word of warning...have them handy, you’ll need them.

Mac and Susie have been exclusively “non-dating” for years. Both have wanted more out of the relationship, but for the sake of their friendship have never pushed for more.

Just when Mac’s ready to push for more (he’s got his symbol for how ready he is already purchased and waiting for that special moment), he loses his beloved job as a sports columnist at a Baltimore paper. Reeling, Mac takes to hiding the information from everyone. Too humiliated to show his face in town or to even take a call (or thirty) from Susie.

When she does find out, it doesn’t go so well for Mac. But soon, Susie finds out that sometimes when you find out something devastating you can’t share that information, even with the person you love the most, until you’ve processed that information yourself.

Through some very heart wrenching moments, Mac and Susie manage to make the commitment to each other that should have been done a long time ago. They also vow to fight for the future both of them want, along side Susie’s very involved family and their close knit friends.

This was a great read and I think it’s my favorite of the series.

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