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Bloodlines - Lindsay Anne Kendal Keira Jameson, after the death of her grandfather, decides to find out where some comes from and how it is she came in the powers that she has. With her best friend, Lily, by her side she leaves West Chester, Pa and head to Salem, Ma. Paying for a cheap hotel for a week, the friends begin to visit different areas of Salem hoping to get answers to some of the clues Keira found in her grandfather's papers. What they find instead are a group of boys (I guess young men) who seem to follow Keira and Lily everywhere. It's not until a confrontation that Keira and Lily discover that the boys: Lucian, Jake, Danny and Tyler are descendents of the town founding fathers, and Keira is the missing 5th bloodline they've been searching for.

Soon the six of them are inseparable but they discover that the five bloodline descendents need to work together to to fight the coming event bent on starting a demon war and destroying them.

This one had such potential. You could see where the author wanted to go, but it just never quite made it there.

Keira was a strong girl who had to deal with losing the one person who loved her as much as her deceased father (that person being her grandfather) and then finding out that she is part of 5 families that has been persecuted during the witch trials possibly because of the otherworldy gifts they had. She's determined to find out who she is and how she got that way. She's a heroine most would enjoy rooting for (even if the plot sometimes makes you wonder why she's in that book). Even when she spends a large portion of the book being torn between Lucian and Tyler, you want her to do whatever makes her happy and be with the one that lets her be herself.

But it's the rest of the cast and sometimes the plot that had me scratching my head. Lucian, Tyler, Danny and Jake were supposed to have these powers that were going to help protect whatever was coming to Salem (along with Keira), but they just seemed so wishywashy sometimes it made you wonder if they would knock Keira or poor Lily out of the way to take cover themselves. And all of them instantly becoming best of friends 5 minutes after they figured out who Keira was didn't seem believable either.

That said, the last 40-50 pages had me sucked and squeezing my kindle and praying I could read faster so I could move onto the next book in the series to see what happens. Sure it took 240 pages to get me to care about what was going on, but once I was there I needed to know what happened.

So while this wasn't an absolute favorite of mine, I will give it credit for sucking me in at the end and making me need to find out what happens next.

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