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Savor the Danger (Hqn)

Savor the Danger - Lori Foster You would think that any story that starts with a man not remembering have sheet scorching sex with the woman he's been chasing after would be one to hold your interest. Unfortunately, that wasn't the case with this one.

Jackson Savor wakes up with such pain in his body, his first thought is that he's been kidnapped and tortured. When he's finally able to open his eyes and realize he's in his own place, it's to find a naked Alani Rivers next to him. Not knowing how she got there or what they've done is enough to send him running to the bathroom and the toilet.

Alani has had feelings for Jackson since the first time she met him, but she was still dealing with her kidnapping ordeal so she steered clear. Until Jackson started telling her things that she's always wanted to hear from him, she decided to trust him and gives in. Feeling foolish after Jackson burst from the bed to throw up, she quickly leaves his place to nurse her wounds. When she finally did venture home, it was to find Jackson waiting for her and her brother Trace and his friend Dare hot on his heels.

What comes next is a bit of a convoluted story of revenge against Jackson for his involvement in a human trafficking operations that resulted in him saving a young woman. Little did he know that an elaborate plan had been put into motion to make him pay for this act by coming after the woman who holds his heart and the woman is saved.

Jackson got on my nerve because he thought he could divert every uncomfortable conversation by using his sexuality. Right for the start, Alani was hurt and wanted to get away from him, but there he was pushing up against her and using sex to get her to bend to his whim.

Of course, Alani was a tad irritating as well because it just seemed she could never decide if she was going to be a strong woman and stand up for herself of just let Jackson, Trace and Dare walk all over her.

Not sure what to think of Arizona and Spencer, but it clear their story is next. One thing's for sure, Spencer is going to have his hands full if he think he can control her. She was unpredictable and a great, tortured secondary character. I'll probably have to get that book, just to see what she does.

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