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Twice Bitten (Chicagoland Vampires, Book 3)

Twice Bitten - Chloe Neill OMG! OMG! OMG!

As we learned in Friday Night Bites, Gabriel Keene, Apex for the Pack plan on convening all shapeshifters in Chicago for their “convention”. At the beginning of Twice Bitten, we find Ethan and Merit agreeing to help run security for the event. In trade, since we know Ethan does nothing that won’t benefit Cadogan House, Ethan asked Gabriel to consider an alliance with him, as they know War is coming.

It’s the fall out of a possible Vampire / Shapeshifter alliance that is the main focus of this installment. And trust me, there’s a lot of focus on. We get to see the inner workings of the Pack and find they have just as many issues as the Vampires.

Besides the Pack business, we have the Red Guard trying to recruit Merit into their fold, things heating up significantly between Merit and Ethan (and I’m only going to say this...why, Ethan? Why????), and Merit and Mallory working on those issues that were left hanging at the end of Friday Night Bites.

We don’t see a lot of Catcher, Jeff or Grandpa in this one, which I missed. I love the banter with Catcher (although the brief scene we did have with Catcher and Mallory were worth it).

I can’t wait for the next book, which I’m starting as soon as I finish this. This may be my vote for the best book in the series, but I reserve to hold that vote until I at least finish #4.

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