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The Seduction of Scandal (Scandals and Seductions)

The Seduction of Scandal (Scandals and Seductions) - Cathy Maxwell This was a hard read for me. The premise was good, the characters were good, but there was just something about this that made it hard to get through.

Gabriel has led a very hard life. It's because of this life that he's become the jaded person that he is today. He's spent the past year fighting his demons and not always coming out on top. When he and his best friend/manager are attacked after a concert, he figures the end is near.

Amelia has been tasked, for the last thirty years, to watch over Gabriel. So when Gabriel is attacked, so swoops down and saves him. While he's in the hospital recovering from his injuries, she stands guard. And when he's sent home, she's hired to be his personal bodyguard.

Gabriel can't stand Amelia's icy exterior and her inability to answer any of his questions. At the same time, he's incredibly attracted to her. Being torn as he is, his less than stellar personality comes out. Even then, he still can't break her icy exterior.

It's not until Gabriel is heading out to Chicago that Amelia's icy exterior starts to melt. It's then that Gabriel learns that she's an angel and has been charged with protecting him because his body contains the soul of Lucifer. Rogue angels are now hunting Gabriel in hopes of releasing Lucifer and starting another angelic war.

See...good premise. Where I get lost is that we spent a lot of time inside both Amelia and Gabriel's head. When we're not in their head, we're listening to their bickering (or yelling. Gabriel is a yeller). And when they're not doing either of those things, they are having sex. I get that Gabriel is attracted to Amelia. But at some point, if you don't trust someone and straddle the line between love and hate, don't you lean towards not having sex with that other person?

I want to really like this one, but it just didn't happen.

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