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Sweet Possession

Sweet Possession - Maya Banks I've started this series from the wrong end. I read Micah and Angelina's story first and now I've read Conner and Lyrics. Totally wrong, but at least you aren't completely confused if you read the out of order.

Lyric is a singer/songwriter who has an IDGAF attitude (which I love) that has gotten her a lot of bad press and in a little bit of hot water. Conner has been hired by her record company to temporarily head up her security detail while on a two week tour break. Needless to say, IDGAF attitude, her pop music and his all around unwillingness to take this job turns Conner off to Lyric right from the start.

Of course, Lyric isn't his biggest fan either, but she feels safe with Conner and likes to push his button.

The story is sweet, although the suspense part with the reason for her security details falls a little short. Otherwise, it was a good, quick read with some really good ideas on what you should do with the frosting on a cupcake.

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