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Head Over Heels (A Lucky Harbor Novel)

Head Over Heels  - Jill Shalvis I haven't found a Jill Shalvis book that I haven't instantly fallen in love with the characters in the book. This Lucky Harbor series is no exception, but out of the three books in the series I have to say that this one is my favorite so far.

Chloe spent the majority of her life living in the moment and leaving for her next adventure whenever the whim hit her. It was the only lifestyle she knew, until her mother died and she started up the B & B with her sisters in Lucky Harbor. For the first time in her life, Chloe has a reason to set down roots and start to build a life in one town. Opening a day spa at the B & B is the first step, which is able to do with ease. The next is a little harder for Chloe and that's admitting that she loves and needs her sisters. She was raised around people who threw out "I love you" like it was nothing, but Chloe knew those 3 words had a deeper meaning and was adamant she wouldn't use them unless she truly meant them. Chloe coming to terms with her feelings towards her sisters and being able to say "I love you" were some of the funniest and heartwarming parts of the story.

Sawyer is a complex man. Left by his mother at a young age, he rebelled in his teenaged years choosing a life of petty crimes and drinking. When his out of control ways lead to him being sent to juvie, he straightened his life out. Unfortunately, he went the complete opposite direction of his youth to a man who walked the line and never deviated from it. He went out of this way to do what he thought he needed to do to make reparations to the town, his father and even a bit to an old friend for his misspent youth. The one person he didn't forgive was himself. It took living on the edge Chloe to knock Sawyer from that line and make him realize that despite what he may have done when he was younger, people love him for the man he is now and he should too.

Despite their differences, Chloe and Sawyer fit together like puzzle pieces. She loosens him up (the drunken painting party is one of my favorite scenes in the book) and he, while sometime very bossy with her, is always there behind her to catch her no matter what.

As with any Jill Shalvis novel, you will alternate between laughing out loud and grabbing for a tissue to wipe at those pesky escape tears, but you will always close the book with a smile on your face.

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