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Beg for Mercy

Beg for Mercy - Jami Alden
A big "Thank You" to RT Book Reviews magazine for turning me onto this book. The cover story on the 3 best friends who write romance caught my attention and had me looking this book up on Barnes and Noble to find out more.

Megan Flynn's world is turn upside down, in the blink of an eye (or in this case the ring of a cell phone), when her brother is arrested for the brutal rape and murder of a passing acquaintance by none other than her boyfriend, Cole Williams. In that one moment, she loses two of the most important things in her life: her brother, who is her rock, and the man she loves.

Three years later, Megan is still fighting for her brother Sean, while at the same time hating Cole for his abandonment. While Sean has given up, deciding accepting his death sentence as a given, Megan grasps onto the minuet possibility that a new murder with similarities to her brother's case, will finally be the break she's been hoping for.

It's this new murder that also brings Cole face to face with Megan. Cole has always regretted how things ended with Megan, but he figured it was for the best...even if deep down it just about ripped him apart to do it. But when Megan comes to him, asking for his help, he does so. Not because he believes in Sean's innocence, but because he feels the need to be there for Megan and to help her deal with Sean's loss when his execution date draws near.

As more murders happen, both Megan and Cole are drawn into a case that is much larger than just Sean and the no longer "cut and dry" case that was against him. As they get closer to the answers they seek, they discover there are much larger players and the person at the heart of Sean's case is someone much closer than either of them suspected.

The main characters in this story are complex, conflicted and stubborn (especially when they feel they are right). The story leaves you on the edge, turning the page trying to determine just who is the Seattle Slasher. It's a perfect set up for the next book in the series, due out in November.

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