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Good Girls Don't (Hqn)

Good Girls Don't - Victoria Dahl Tessa Donovan's stress level hit a new high when she receives a call from her brother telling her their brewery has been broken into. She doesn't realize things are going to soar to new heights until she finds out her brother had a one night stand with the one person their older brother told him to stay away from. As Tessa's always done, she puts herself smack dab in the middle of the issue trying to diffuse it and make everyone happy. This also happens to be the night that she meets drop dead gorgeous police detective (and college buddy of her brother's) Luke Asher.

Luke see's Tessa, thinks she's cute in a girl next door kind of way, but knows she's not his type. After his disastrous marriage he wasn't looking for the type of relationship he knew a woman like Tessa would want. Instead, he was going to delve into this case and find the person or persons responsible, since this break-in matched a few others they'd had around time. He would focus on work and what was going on with his partner, who despite the rumors, was his best friend. Not the sexy as hell little sister of his college buddy and current case victim.

I enjoyed this book and the cast of characters.

Tessa had learned to hide bits and pieces of herself for the sake of her older brothers. Feeling it would be better to shield them from who she really was than to cause them any worry or upset. She always walked this delicate tightrope hoping to ensure that her family stayed as it was after the death of their parents.

Luke had to learn that in order to truly be happy, he needed to deal with things that happened in his past and why they happened. He'd avoided dealing with those issues for so long, they made him shut himself off to the possibility of ever having a decent relationship.

Tessa and Luke fought real hard to hold on to their beliefs that they were right, but it took walking away from each other to finally get it right.

Great first installment. Can't wait for Jaime's story, in Bad Boys Do.

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