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Riversong - Tess Thompson As a kid, I hated when an adult would always point out a morale to what every story I was engrossed in, whether it was TV or a book. When your nine, you really don't want your parents having the sex talk with your after watching an episode of Joanie Love Chachi. So now being the adult, I find myself doing the same damn things to my kids and asking them what they learned from that episode of Fresh Prince of Bel Air or Sponge Bob. I cringe each time I do it, but sometimes you can't let those little tidbit go by without pointing them out.

What does this have to do with Riversong? This is one of those books where I feel compelled to pass out to all those that complain how bad their life is yet do nothing to change it. Lee Tucker encompasses that life lesson of "Pull yourself up by your bootstraps". Sure she got everything tied up in a pretty bow for her in the end, just like those TV shows of my youth, but she went through some pretty hellish stuff to get that pretty bow and I think she earned it.

The plot points aren't perfect (the loan shark/mafia hit man was a little too over the top for me) but where certain plot points may bug you as a reader, the others more than make up for. The best one for me was Lee coming back home again and finding the place she thought was full of ugly memories was the one place that could make her happy.

Second chances and coming home is what Riversong is all about and I think Tess Hardwick did a good job in bringing those points across. I liked the book and think it's a thought provoking choice for book clubs to read in 2012.

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