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Pandora's Box (Immortalis, Book 3)

Pandora's Box (Immortalis, Book 3) - Katie Salidas This series has gotten better with each book. You love the characters and the storyline with each one.

In this third installment, a mysterious package has been delivered to Lysander's home and calls to Fallon to open it. When she does, she releases something that starts attacking the vampires demanding they return it's blood. When a clan member is killed, it forces Lysander to admit he needs to return to Boston to retrieve his original writings and see if there is anything listed about this Pandora's Box they have been sent.

The Boston vampires were an interesting mix. Instead of being the lone vampires that Alyssa has known in Las Vegas, we find a group of individuals that interact the same way humans would interact with each other. They were more willing to "live amongst the humans" and try to fit in, rather than hide away in a house and hope no one will see them. It was good for Alyssa to see that she could have some semblance of her old life back, despite how Lysander has chosen to live.

We also were introduced to the werewolves and witches of the supernatural community in Boston. The werewolves run the show, but work in conjunction with the other supernaturals (including vampires). While they appeared at first unwilling to help Lysander and Alyssa with their problem, Conner the Pack Alpha, decides to impart his knowledge and help our band of Vegas vampires. The werewolves were an interesting addition to the series and I hope we see more of them in the future.

Lysander's maker, while killed in book one, is still wrecking havoc in their lives. This time it's her jilted King, Edmond, dead set on revenge. His revenge is a good one, but his reasoning behind it were incredibly juvenile. I would hope that once one reaches a couple hundred years old the "because she loved you more" defense would disappear. Oh well.

If there was one thing I didn't like about the book, it was the cliffhanger of an ending. I'm not going to say anything here, since I don't want to spoil it for anyone else, but let's just say I an now desperate to have the next book in the series (and sadly don't see anything listed on Katie's web site...booooo!).

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