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Baby, I'm Yours (Southern Roads)

Baby, I'm Yours (Southern Roads, #0.5) - Stephanie Bond This was a free read from Kindle. I’m so glad it was.

This is listed as a .5 in the Southern Roads trilogy, which is set in Sweetness, Georgia, and sets the stage for the next three books.

Emory Maxwell, on a five day leave from the Army, heads back to Sweetness to ask his long time girlfriend, Shelby, to marry him. They’ve been having their ups and downs (more down lately) and Emory decides asking her to marry him will fix the issue.

Unfortunately, when he gets back home, he finds marriage is not necessarily going to fix the issue.

Quickly, the town is hit by a tornado and Emory is determine to pull Shelby out of the rubble alive and tell her all the things he’s meant to say.

Of course, everything gets tidied up pretty neatly in the last chapter and set up the first book in the series.

I understand why the author wrote it and I also see why it was free. This definitely left me wishing she had made Emory and Shelby’s story a more in depth novella or a full length book. Just felt too rushed to me.

This said, I’ve got my copies of the next two books ready.

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