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Fatal Destiny

Fatal Destiny - Marie Force I'll mop up my happy tears and write the review tomorrow. So damn good!

If you're Fatal Series fan, you'll most likely remember a few months ago when Marie Force had daily (or maybe weekly I can't quite remember) polls for Sam and Nick's wedding. FINALLY that day has come and we get to see how those top voted choices were weaved into the Fatal Wedding.

Sam and Nick are days away from their wedding and it appears they could not be further apart. Still reeling from her miscarriage, Sam is going through the motions but anyone who loves Sam can tell that's she's devastated. Nick, dealing with his own grief, isn't sure what to do to pull her out of this and get back to where they were.

Sam wishes she had a case to focus her attentions on, but having just closed the prostitute ring case, she has idle time. Being Sam, ideal time leads her to making snap decisions and figuring she'll ask for forgiveness later. Luckily she's marrying Nick (who seems to have the patience of a saint when it comes to Sam) and her asking for forgiveness (much sooner than intended) ends up reconnecting the two of them.

We do have a bit of police work that pops up (just enough to get Sam in trouble...again) thanks to the detective prowess of Gonzo and Freddie. And of course, everyone's favorite ex-husband has to show up to prove, once again, that Sam was the wisest woman on earth to divorce the bastard.

I'm not going to say anything about the wedding, other than it being absolutely freaking fantastic. You'll be weepy and smiling when you get to the last page happy that these two characters have finally gotten to this place.

I'll leave with this final thought. Nick better enjoy his 7 days of bliss with Sam. I have a feeling things are going to get pretty ugly in Fatal Flaw (February 2012).

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