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Fatal Consequences (The Fatal Series)

Fatal Consequences  - Marie Force The murder of two members of the Capitol Cleaning Service might’ve been just another homicide investigation—that is if one of them hadn’t been romantically involved with a married senator from Arizona. Lt. Sam Holland and her team are plunged into another complex case that at first seems open and shut. But as Sam tugs on the threads of the investigation she uncovers a deep, dark Washington secret that threatens the careers of some of the government’s highest-ranking officials. Racing to catch a killer before he can strike again, Sam and her fiancé, U.S. Senator Nick Cappuano, attempt to plan a wedding while her colleague Detective Tommy “Gonzo” Gonzales faces life-changing news

OMG! I completely love this series. Had to throw that out there right from the beginning because this will probably be a totally biased review.

In this installment, Sam and Nick are attending the wedding of her father and his caregiver/girlfriend Celia in a somewhat cheesy Valentine's day affair. Smack dab in the middle of the reception, Sam receives a call from Arizona Senator Henry Lightfeather stammering on about someone being dead.

And we're off...

As with the previous 2 entries into this series, a lot happens and it happens fast. We have dead bodies, we have high level politicians involved the latest DC evil doings, Cruz having a hard time dealing with his vow breaking, Gonzo's status as an unattached, unencumbered man changing in the blink of an eye, Nick's mother dropping in, Sam's ex-husband causing trouble all while the Sam and the MPD team tries to solve the latest group of murders and she and Nick plan the wedding he's decided to have in six weeks.

There are gut-wrenching, heartbreaking moments (I can't tell you what they are because it will give important parts away), but these all show us the type of person that Sam is. She's growing. She's trying really hard to let go of those bad habits she developed with her ex-husband and you can see that in her interactions with not only Nick, but also with the members of her MPD team.

Nick, is just Nick. You have to love him. He's been through so much, but he still manages to remain grounded and give our girl Sam just what she needs (whether it's a good kick in the ass or wrapping her in his love).

Can't wait for Fatal Destiny (hope it's still slated for September) and then for Fatal Flaw.

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