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A Fool Again: A Novella

A Fool Again - Eloisa James I generally don't like novella's because I always feel like the characters are rushed to get to the plotted ending or that I'm missing some huge piece of the story. Unfortunately, this didn't change my mind (which bothers me because I really like most of Eloisa James' books).

Genevieve wanted to marry Tobias, but her father found out and dashed off to get her. When he finds her, he marries her off to an elderly business man (assuming to have some debt this man seemed to always be collecting an owed debt from someone). A few years later, said elderly husband dies, but stipulates in his will that she must marry who she chooses or get basically nothing. A few more years later, we find Genevieve in London and lo and behold Tobias is back. Now Genevieve has to make the decision about who she should end up with...the man she thinks she loves or the one she thought she loved enough to run off to Gretna Green.

Maybe if this was a full length novel, we would have had time for more character development and perhaps a bit more of the character's back story develop to get us to where we ended up in a very fast fashion. It was a quick read and something to occupy a few hours while the kids were playing, but in the end I'm glad it was a free read on Amazon.

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