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I Love the 80s [Paperback]

I Love the 80s [Paperback] - Megan Crane Boy, did this one bring back some memories!! Celebrating my 40th birthday in December, the 80's have been on my mind a lot...80's themed rocker b'day party, listening to the 80's station on XM, and being subjected to really bad 80's movies with their equally bad actors (thank you Marc Singer for parading around town and the mother ship with your shirt half buttoned). So when I started reading this book...I was in heaven.

We find Jenna Jenkins who, at 35, is working at a low end job at an all 80's tv show and still obsessed with anything Tommy Seer...lead singer for the 80's band Wild Child, who died tragically. While rummaging through the supply closet one night, she ends up getting transported back to the fall of 1987.

Reliving some of Jenna's 80's moments were hysterical (the receptionist with the Princess Diana pompador, the high waisted jeans). I know I remember all of those and was glad to know that my Wham dayglo gloves are long gone!

When Jenna steps out of the closet and into 1987, she suddenly finds herself involved with Wild Child at one of their best TV moments. From there, she's suddenly made Tommy's "assistant" and discovers he's not at all the man she had built him up to be in her mind. As a matter of fact he turns out to be quite the ass.

We find out why Tommy's the way he is. We see the relationship change between Jenna and Tommy and figure out what happened that tragic night when Tommy died back in the fall of 1987. But more importantly, we get to witness Jenna growing up and understanding why things went south when she was 20 years in the future. Who knew a trip back to our early teen years could do that???

Excellent story, awesome characters!

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