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The Naked Truth (The Confederacy Treaty)

The Naked Truth - Lilly Cain This one seemed to take me FOREVER to read. It started off good. Captain Susan Branscombe is taken captive and we meet her as her will have given up and she acknowledges that she is about to die. Those who took her captive, try to attack her base but are overpowered by the Starship Marines who ultimately rescue Susan. She’s badly injured, but you just know there is some kind of intrigue behind what has happened.

Now comes the part that had me forcing my way through the story. There’s intrigue, but it’s just not that exciting. We have the alien Confederacy trying to get Earth to join it’s forces but the Confederacy is conveniently not mentioning there are forces out there trying to ravage the Earth. One would think this is important information.

So in comes Examiner Asler Kiis, whose race like to parade around naked and have powers that allows them to ferret out the truth through a sort of telepathy. He’s very gruff at first with and then about two seconds later he’s inexplicably drawn to Susan, heals her, takes her to his quarters, creates his m’iiter connection with her is ALL over her.

Of course, Asler isn’t the only one who gets a little handsy. Susan’s all over him too, even though he dresses her in only a tube top and parades her to the dining area where people are eating a little bit more than food.

For a short read, it took about 3/4 of the book before it really caught my attention. By then, I truly didn’t care what was going on I just wanted to finish.

This had such potential. I’m not sure if it was Asler’s inner dialogue and all his worry about his clan and what happens if this investigation didn’t turn out right (which made no sense because nothing about his clan was ever part of the story) or if it was just a case of an incorrect “fit”.

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