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One Night Scandal

One Night Scandal - Christie Kelley So when I pre-ordered this book, I did so based on the blurb shown above. Thought it sounded pretty good so I decided to get it. Let me say this....the blub does not do this story justice!

I loved both of these characters. There was such depth to both these flawed characters. You had to wonder if they were ever going to find their way to a HEA or if they were going to deal with the hands they were dealt and move on...whether it killed them or not.

Sophie Reynard uses her abilities as a medium to find matches for members of the ton. After matching her half-brother and her remaining single friend, Sophie decides to visit Venice with her mother to gain some perspective. What she didn't plan was for the perspective to happen while she was falling from a bridge and crashing into a gondola of the man she just saw in her vision.

Nicholas Tenbury jumps and rescues the woman who just plunged into the water. He takes her home with the intention of getting her dry, but fate happens to have other plans.

See, Sophie saw Nicholas in her vision and thinks they are meant to spend the night together. So she throws caution to the wind and does the one thing that will ruin her reputation. Before Nicholas can wake the next morning, she sneaks out.

Neither one of them ever thought they would run into each other back in London (since both of them pretended to be Italian when they met). Since Sophie's friends are married to Nicholas' friends (and a relative), they keep running into each other. What they don't know is their friends are trying to set them up, while Nicholas' father is trying to marry him off to a girl he thinks is appropriate.

You'll be flipping the pages almost to the very end holding your breathe about what's going to happen next. I truly enjoyed it and will have to go back to read the other books for the circle of friends.

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