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Merciless - Diana Palmer I'd like to start this review with one tiny comments on the book cover. What the hell does it have to do with the story????

Anyway, Jon Blackhawk has a been a favorite character in the Long, Tall, Texan series. And I loved that his Administrative Assistant Joceline and the snide comments that went back and forth between them. I totally didn't expect their boss / subordinate relationship to go where it did!

Joceline Perry is the kind of person that I sometimes wish I was. Efficient, organized, snarky & sarcastic when needed (wait...maybe I am like her), but always up to the task put in front of her as the Administrative Assistant to Special Agent Jon Blackhawk. What no one sees after hours is how she struggles to care for her four year old son as a single parent raising a son with medical issues. Although having her son cost her her family, having been raised deeply religious, she can't see him as a mistake.

Jon Blackhawk is all about work. He rarely dates and seems to be more than content having his job as his mistress. But there is something about Joceline that ruffles more ways than one. He can't seem to figure her out and is even more curious about the son she never talks about, brings around or displays a picture of. She claims it's separation of her work and personal life, but Jon doesn't buy it.

Mixed in with Jon and Joceline dancing around each other is the release of the man Jon helped put behind bars. As with many men Jon's put away, he makes threats towards Jon. Threats Jon doesn't take seriously. Guess he should have, when he's gunned down in broad daylight. Next, Joceline's house is broken into and someone is calling making threats against her and her son.

Everything tidies up at the end finally solving the mystery of who killed Kilraven's first wife and daughter, which we read about in Dangerous. As well as Jon and Joceline getting their HEA.

I guess my problem was the fact that Joceline hid a HUGE secret from Jon, practically right under his nose, and his response was to make love to her. WHAT? Am I hanging out with the wrong type of men? Most would be decidedly pissed off not quick to throw down in the sack!

It's a quick read with a predictable ending. I have the same reaction to every book I read in this series, but I'm always there to read the next book anyway. When will I learn?? Maybe after Marquez's story (I want his to be really, really good).

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