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What Happens in Vegas (Jewel of the Night)

What Happens in Vegas (Jewel of the Night) - Natasha Deen Binda Morningstar works in the archeology department of the local university. Her boss, Nigel Hawthorne, has discovered a cursed sapphire and misses an important meeting which impacts both their careers. Worried that something sinister has happened to Nigel, she follows his directions and contacts his brother, a detective in the police department. What she didn't expect was having no one believe her about her suspicions surrounding Nigel's fate and having to do the detective work herself. Being a big time klutz does not lend itself to sleuthing and rescuing.

Corin Hawthorne has been angry with his brother since said brother married his ex-wife. But when Binda shows up on his doorstep alleging all sorts of things about his brother's disappearance, he decides to step in and help her investigate. He definitely got more than he bargained for.

Binda was very cute with her klutziness. Any of us with an affinity with injuring ourselves could appreciate Binda's nervous habit of harming herself and others in moments of anxiety. Some of klutz moments will have you laughing out loud, especially the poor mob boss with the ugly track pants).

Corin took a bit to warm up to, but he did grow on you. His dry sense of humor went well with poor Binda and her klutz moments.

This was a short read, but it was entertaining and does having you laughing out loud in a few scenes. If you want something to break up your day and put a smile on your face, this one will do the trick!

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