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The Bentleys Buy a Buick

The Bentleys Buy a Buick - Pamela Morsi If you ever needed a clear cut case of how idle speculation and lunchroom gossip can spiral a situation out of control, this story proves that point.

Erica Bentley has gone back to work as a coder in the Medical Records department of the local hospital after spending the past six years at home raising her son. She enjoys being back in a work environment and tries to fit in with the rest of the staff in her office. The only trouble, they seem to gossip about everyone at the hospital. Erica never thought that the gossiping would include her, but when she replaces one of her co-workers on a training project the ousted co-worker stokes the fires of the gossip mill to include Erica. While Erica can handle when they were saying outlandish things about her and a certain pharmacist at the hospital, it's the speculation that a certain co-worker is after her husband that sends her over the edge. Especially since Tom's been spending a lot of time working late at his classic car garage.

Tom Bentley loves classic cars and when he's asked to help restore and sell a 1957 Buick for an elderly woman, he feels like he's died and gone to heaven. He's not sure what the car's draw is, but he knows he can't just let the car go to anyone. So he takes it upon himself to lovingly restore the car and ensure just the right person buys it. He even drives to his elderly clients house to talk to her about prospective buyers. He figures it's all part of making sure his client is happy and he ends up with a big fat commission check for his family. He never considered his late night meetings and dinners with Guffy would cause his wife several night of heartache. Or that the secret he's been keeping for his best friend Cliff would cause problems too.

This was a clear cut case of neither person in this relationship being upfront about the small stuff. Instead, the small stuff turned into other lies and half truths that tore at the two of them.

It was an enjoyable read, but there were often times where I wanted to shake Erica for not just asking Tom a simply question. For a couple that prided themselves on being honest, it seemed like they had a heard time just asking a question that would have dispensed with all the misunderstandings that were going on.

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