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Forged in Fire (A Red-Hot SEALs Novel)

Forged in Fire  - Trish McCallan Before I write this review, I have to make sure I'm firmly seated on the entire sitting surface of my chair. Why you ask? Because I've been sitting on the edge of my seat since I started this book and have only now recovered enough of my wits to realize I should sit back. This is on hell of a kick ass, in the words of Samuel L. Jackson, hold onto your butts!

Beth Brown has a dream last night. It was disturbing, terrifying, bizarre and something that she was going to completely write off, until two of the events in her dream came true first this that morning. If those came true, perhaps the massacre of the coach passengers on the PanAtlantic flight to Hawaii will come true as well. When she gets to the gate, she begins recognizing the passengers she saw in her dream. The dead passengers with multiple bullet holes and blood covering them...except now they were very much alive. Beth finds the one man she thinks might be able to help her, as she remembers the men with him calling his Lieutenant or boss, Zane Winters. She builds up the courage to approach him and his two friends, hoping they will believe her enough to help her stop the plane for taking off.

Lieutenant Commander Zane Winters, Lieutenant Cosky and Lieutenant Rawls, members of SEAL Team 7 (ST7), were heading to a colleague's wedding in Hawaii when Zane had one of his freaky premonitions after being touched by Rawls. He sees his buddy dead, riddled with bullet holes. And it's not just Rawls he sees dead. When Cosky touches him, he sees the same thing. Edgy, especially after realizing that both are wearing the same clothes he saw them dead in, Zane tries to figure out how they can get the plane grounded and investigate what might be going on. While scanning the crowd of awaiting passengers in the gate area, Zane locks gazes with a woman who he knows, down to his bones, is his soul mate. Determined not to be derailed while trying to figure out what's happening with the plane, he ignores her. But fate has bigger plans and avoiding her becomes impossible when she approaches them and tells them about her dream.

Beth, Zane, Cosky and Rawls soon find themselves embroiled in a terrorists groups plot to hijack the plane, massacre the coach passenger and ransom off the first class passengers...strikingly similar to a hijacking that happened in Argentina. The only problem is, they aren't sure who's involved and it seems like the terrorist group has infiltrated the FBI, PanAtlantic, the local police and other high ranking areas of the government.

For Zane, it comes down to who to trust and how to make sure Beth is kept safe so he can prove to her, later, that they were meant to be together. For Beth, she needs to save her best friend and godson from their terrorist kidnappers all while trying to keep her distance from the one man that gets beneath her skin.

Phew! Just from that I need to push myself back on my seat. This is a complete edge of your seat page turner. You won't be able to put it down. It was well written with characters that had me running the gamut of emotions, I was spent when you finished reading it.

I loved our SEAL team, loved their OIC Mac (even though he did come off as a complete just know there is a juicy story there), loved Beth and how for someone who sometime came off as timid she was all in that SEAL team's face when needed. I felt sorry for FBI SA Chastain, Amy, Ginny and Todd to have gotten caught up in something that truly was beyond them. Their situations had you wondering if you wouldn't have done the exact same thing in an effort to protect your family. I hated Russ Branson, hated the crew who secure "the house" (Chino got what he freaking deserved!) and absolutely loathe whoever is leading the terrorist group.

My only disappointment in the book, the abrupt ending. I was flipping pages on my kindle wondering if I was missing pages because it just seemed to stop. Talk about a cliffhanger!!!

This book is worse every cent, (nickel, dime, and quarter too). It's a fast paced, nail biting, adrenaline ride that leaves you wanting so much more!

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