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Dreams: The three part steamy Paranormal series all together

Dreams: The Three Part Steamy Paranormal Series All Together - Jacqueline Paige, Jared from Off The Wall Creations This book has three inter-connected stories about police officers and their under cover work. The first two center around the same two characters, Jennah and Dominic, as they work to bring down the prison Warden who's up to no good. The third book still has Jennah and Dominic, but the main character focus is on Brody and Tess.

In, In Our Dream, cop Jennah Best is piecing together her life after her divorce. Her ex-husband was abusive and managed to beat Jennah down. But she is slowly starting to climb out of that hole. The only problem is the fact that the holidays are right around the corner and she knows she's going to be all alone.

Enter the sexy voice of Dominic. He comes to her in a dream, but it's a dream that feels all to real. When she dreams him again, it's almost as if she can feel him. When she questions him about what's happening, he tells her he's able to speak to her and visit her in her dreams, but that he is very real.

Jennah thinks things are looking up and she won't be alone at the holidays, until she asks Dom where he is. When he flashes her images of Weystate Prison, she immediately assumes he's a prisoner and doesn't give him any chance to explain, feeling unimaginably hurt.

What Jennah doesn't know is that Dom is an undercover cop trying to get evidence to what's going on at Weystate Prison. She also doesn't know that he's been found out. It will take Jennah and Dom's undercover team to get him out.

In, From A Dream, Jennah and Dom have settled into a routine of Jennah going to work and Dom hiding out in her apartment. Since leaving the safe house, he's been ordered to remain inside Jennah's until the Warden, who escaped custody at the end of In Our Dream, is captured.

But being cooped up inside the apartment is driving Dom nuts. He feels like he needs to do something so he and Jennah can move on with their lives. But when their worst nightmare comes breaking into Jennah's apartment, it's going to take Dom and Jennah's special communication skills and the introduction of a new team member with special skills to help defeat the Warden.

In, After the Dream, Dom's undercover team has been sequestered to a safe house to work on a new case which brings evidence retrieved from a dumpster outside a government office. While scoping out a warehouse, Tess and Brody find themselves in a sticky situation that has them crawling through a drainage tunnel trying to escape. The only problem, Tess doesn't like confined spaces. Brody solves that problem by doing something he's wanted to do for month...distract her with a scorching kiss.

That kiss and the evidence they found, has the team chasing after a councilman bent on creating a way for the bad guys to disable security devices and equipment without having to be close by. It also has Tess and Brody feeling out the chemistry that has been popping off of them since they first met.

Can they get their bad guys and happily every after?

I liked for first two stories. While quick and fast paced, you still got a feel for Dom and Jennah. Through both stories we get to see how their relationship has built, despite the adversity from both the outstanding issues from the prison and Jennah's personal life.

I could have done without the second story. While connected, sort of, it just didn't seem to flow with the other two. While I was happy to see Tess and Brody get together, I really wanted more of Jennah and Dom.

Quick reads that were fun and a great way to kill a couple hours on a Sunday.

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