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Bloodlines - Lindsay Anne Kendal Keira has returned to her friends, three weeks after she had died. While they are excited to have her back, none of truly questioned how it is that she is back. But Keira has changed in the time that she was away and she's afraid of what her friends will think. Keira is also struggling with her feelings for demon Eligos, who has been sent by her mother to protect her while in the human realm. But she learns that taking a leap of faith means putting herself out there for the one that you love.

Of course, the group is still trying to determine who is trying to start the demon war and keeps attacking them. It's not easy to do when even Lucifer himself can't find those responsible. So the group takes to upping their power with some demonic help and training so they can be ready when the time comes.

I enjoyed this installment in the series so much better. Maybe that's because Keira is in a much more adult relationship with Eligos. Sure she has to deal with high school "hijinks" by jealous ex-paramours, but ultimately Keira is acting much older than her 22 years and we have the delightful Eligos to thank for that.

We also get insight into Lillith and Lucifer's world in Hell and meet some more of the residents of Hell. Much more enjoyable and engaging.

As with the first book, you get sucked into the what's happening with Keira (not so much everyone else) and stand behind her everything she does: whether it be standing up to her mother, fighting with Eligos or confessing her true feelings for a certain 4000+ year old demon.

Again, I applaud the author for sucking me to the point that I quickly checking Goodreads to see when the last book in the series comes out (January? Really??). While I may not like the flow of the storyline or some of the unnecessary elements, you still can't help but look forward to the last book just to make sure Keira gets her HEA.

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