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Holly's First Noel

Holly’s First Noel - Faye Robertson I really enjoyed both Holly and Noel. Even though they had worked together for the past year, they both steered clear of the other, Holly being intimidated by Noel and Noel not sure what to make of Holly. But once those barriers were down, they were absolutely perfect for each other.

Holly was one of those characters that was "out there". She spent a lot of time in her head and then would inadvertently ask questions or statements related to whatever conversation she had been having with herself internally. Most people, including myself, would find that incredibly annoying. But Noel seemed to understand Holly's quirk and was able to roll with it, even if he couldn't figure out who or what she was talking about.

Noel seemed to spent a lot of time apologizing to his dead wife for making strides towards having a life without her. After three years, he finally felt something for a woman. He wanted the wife, the kids, the whole package. But at the same time, he felt as if he was betraying his wife and kept apologizing. It makes you love Noel for being that type of man, but also infuriated that he would think his wife wouldn't want him to have those things after she was gone.

This was a really cute and sweet Christmas story about two people finding the right person in less than perfect conditions (having your long time boyfriend dump you a week before Christmas and still mourning your wife's death three years before definitely fits the "less than perfect condition" bill). But sometimes when you least expect it, the best thing falls in your lap.

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