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Can't Help Falling In Love: The Sullivans

Can't Help Falling In Love  - Bella Andre Megan Harris is a woman who avoid risks. Since her first husband died in a plane crash, leaving her to raise their toddler daughter, she does what she can to ensure she and her daughter won't have to deal with that type of heartache again. Unfortunately, she can't control everything and she and her daughter are caught in a horrible apartment fire hiding in the bathtub.

Enter Gabe Sullivan, firefighter extraordinaire.

Gabe has always had a fascination with fire, so firefighting is the perfect fit for him. He never loses his cool in a fire, but when he rescued Megan and Summer during their apartment fire he was bound to break his rule of never dating a fire victim.

Megan and Gabe are perfect for each other, even if they fight their instant attraction for each other. Megan doesn't want to put hers and her daughter's hearts at risk on an adrenaline junkie who might not come home and Gabe doesn't want to be with someone who only sees him as her rescuer. But when the two of them stop fighting each other, they find that what they feel for each is much deeper and much stronger than anything they felt before.

Their road to happiness would have been much easier if Megan was able to let go of her past hurt earlier, but you can see how already losing one husband in a senseless accident would make one gun shy. The problem was, she wasn't really seeing past Gabe's job to the man who was responsible at work and would never purposefully jeopardize himself. Once she was able to do that, she was able to fully open herself to this wonderful man.

And ladies....Gabe is one hot man. For me, Gabe is now tied with Chase as the hottest Sullivan brother. He's funny, thoughtful, a fireman (hello!!) and sexy as hell. Who wouldn't love a man like that.

A fantastic story about two people burned in the past but learning that you can't paint everyone with the same broad brush stroke.

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