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Snowy Fate

Snowy Fate - Marissa Dobson This was a very quick read, but with just a few pages, Marissa Dobson is able to get to the heart of this story.

Aspyn Layton has been traumatized by the whole in her heart when her beloved father left when she was five. Now that both her mother and father have passed, she's feeling lonely and questioning her ability to be loved when her parents couldn't even it do it.

Enter Damon Andrews. Damon had been staying with Aspyn's father for the remaining few months of his life, building his home and waiting for his mate. When he comes home to the Layton mountain cabin and walks in to find Aspyn there, he knows he's found his mate. The only problem, Aspyn doesn't know her family secret and Damon knows that he needs to convince her to read her father's journal before they two of them can move on.

While I would have enjoyed this delving a bit more into Damon and Aspyn's budding relationship and how her change effects it, it was satisfying.

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