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Bond With Me

Bond with Me  - Anne Marsh I commented in the Cocktail Society Book Club post for this book that I've had this sitting in my Kindle library waiting to be read since the summer. I think when I got it it was one of the Kindle free reads. As I said in my comment, I should receive a thousand feather soft lashes for letting this book sit unread for so long!!

Although I'm not a huge fan over angel books (whether their fallen or otherwise) this one had me hooked from the very beginning. Brends and his brother of Fallen are gritty and have developed an IDGAF attitude since their shove from grace three thousand years before. It's that grittiness and their unabashed desire to rid humans of a piece of their souls, little by little, that draw you into their world.

Brends Duranov uses his sexual drawn to get what he wants. No woman or man can deny him when he turns the charm on. And while he hasn't bonded with anyone is several years, he's not above doing it when it gets him what he this case Mischka Baran.

Mischka doesn't fall for Brends charms, even though she is incredibly attracted to him. She has a strict rule of staying away from anything paranormal. But she's willing to use Brends to aide her in finding her missing cousin who had threatened to bond with a Fallen.

A lot happens in this book, so you need to make sure you're paying attention. Not only do we have the spectacular romantic dance between Brends and Mischka, but we have the romance and bonding of Mischka's cousin Pell with Dathan and the discovering of the Fallen's salvation. In addition, there is the supposed rogue Fallen who's gone off on a killing spree, but we soon find there is much more to those deaths than a crazy Fallen.

If you've been on the fence about Angels, definitely pick up this book. It's grittiness will have you devouring it and desperate for the next book in the series, His Dark Bond (which releases in February).

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