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His Dark Bond

His Dark Bond - Anne Marsh Anne Marsh has created a world of Fallen Angels in M-City that I can only describe as having an equivalent to the residents of Caldwell, NY. If you are looking for angelic men who only do good deeds, these men are not for you. These Fallen are men who fight their inner beasts on a daily basis, while policing those that have given into their inner beast. They conduct heated sexual encounters with any number of women (or men) who line up to have a favor granted in return for the feeding off their soul. All this while holding onto hope that their true salvation is out there...a soul mate.

In this second installment to the Fallen series, our focus is on the Fallen leader, Zer. He's clinging to the edge and certain he's about to turn rouge. He's ready for the end as soon as he can ensure his brothers have their soul mates and salvation. He doesn't think he deserve any of this, even when he kidnaps genetic researcher, Nessa St. James, and can't take his eyes off her. Zer is harsh, but that harshness is generally aimed at himself.

Nessa St. James thinks she's nothing more than the research that she conducts. With the threat of that research being taken away from her, she fears her identity will be gone to. She fights Zer tooth and nail as he insists she needs to bond with one of his brothers in order to ensure her safety. Despite her constant need to fight with Zer, she's also incredibly attracted to him but also positive he doesn't want her because she is a nothing.

With Nessa and Zer doubting anyone could ever want them, is it any surprise that they would be perfect for each other?

This series will suck you immediately. Even with all the details around the methods Nessa uses when researching DNA (and it's descriptive) you still devour the pages wanting to find out what happens next. Anne Marsh is now an author that will be on my must buy list.

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