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Reclaimed - Diane Alberts I have read some interesting takes on the whole paranormal world in the past two week. Reclaimed has another interesting spin on the world of vampires, shifts, ghosts, etc.

Isaac and Elijah, twin brothers from the mid eighteen hundred England, were transformed from their human life by Elijah's betrothed, Louisa, after she discovered him with Issac's fiancee. Neither of them knew that Louisa was a vampire, but soon found themselves immersed in that world. Elijah, as a true vampire and Isaac as an Enforcer.

Enforcers, while bitten by a vampire, do not change. They remain somewhat human, but immortal. The Enforcers job is to protect humans from the paranormal baddies and have the ability to shift into whatever form the current baddie is. Pretty handy, except when one of those evil beings you have sworn to hunt is your bad stabbing, financee seducing brother.

Enter the American, Sabrina. She buys a house in England and leaves her family behind in California to start a new life. She starts having weird dreams about a Greek God-like man who she's pretty sure would never have any ounce of interest in her. But she's suddenly meeting the man and still having weird dreams about him and finding herself right in the middle of paranormal jealousy gone awry.

There were times when this story had me well within it's grip and I couldn't wait to turn the page. But then there were other times when I thought some of the story dragged on. While I loved the intrigue with the evil Louisa and her plot to force the brothers to relive history, the amount of time it took to get there dragged the story on. I could have done without the sister's visit. While nice to see the relationship between the two, it did nothing to move the story along.

For anyone who hasn't read a paranormal story before, this would definitely be a good book to sink your teeth into.

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