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The Best Mistake

The Best Mistake - Kate Watterson When I read the blurb for this book, I thought accidentally kissing a man that isn't your boyfriend could be a bit of a stretch, but stranger things have happened. It's fiction, move on. But when you read the "mix up" scene, you have to wonder how in the hell you couldn't have realized that the man you are with is not the man you have been sleeping with for the past year!

Let me set the scene. Lacey, having driven from Chicago to Indy after weather delayed her flight, is tired and longs for a hot bath and bed. She arrives at her boyfriend Ran's house in search of those two things. She quietly enters the house, spies a naked male form lying asleep in the bed and enters the bathroom to luxuriate in hot water. When she's done, she decides she needs Ran before she can go to sleep so she sets about seducing a sleeping man. Seduces she does, except that man happens to be her boyfriend's cousin, Rick.

Rick has secretly been attracted to his cousin's girlfriend since he met her. So while he may have at first thought what was happening was just a dream, when he did wake up he let things continue for a few minutes before his conscious kicks in and he announces who he really is.

What ensues is Lacey and Rick feeling guilty about what happened (even though Ran was told) and awkward with each other because both can't stop thinking about it. Here comes Ran with the solution! Lacey had admitted that her fantasy was to be with two men. Ran likes to watch. Voila! Menage to the rescue.

I know this is fiction and a somewhat steamy menage can cover any plot line holes, but I was stuck on the whole mistaking one man for another "thing". I'll admit the woman was tired, but she was lucid enough to know that she wanted sex, so I would have to assume that you'd notice that certain parts of the man's body you are currently consuming might be a bit different than you were accustomed to. You'd notice if wasn't your boyfriend before the man you're riding has to shout out who he is and stop you.

It's because of that little annoyance that this very short read fell flat for me. I don't mind the sex, but I need a plot and one that doesn't hang me up.

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