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Deadly Obsession: Deadly Vices Series Book 1

Deadly Obsession - Kristine Cayne Hot Hollywood playboy, Nic Lamoureux works hard to keep up his image as Nic the Lover for his adoring fans. What they don't know is the man is alone and closed off from those that he loves due to his fame, his guilt and shame for acts in his youth and the stalker who threatens harm to any woman that gets close to him. Nic Lamoureux is a complex man who doesn't trust many people and spends the majority of the time being someone he's not. That changes when he meet the photographer who won a contest to conduct a photo shoot with Nic. Suddenly, he finds the one person that makes him feel complete and able to be the true Nic Lamoureux.

Lauren James is hoping the photo shoot with Nic Lamoureux will help open doors for her and advance her photography career. But she has a secret, she's had a crush on her photo subject since they were in high school together in Chicago. She hopes her crush doesn't show, but she can't help but be drawn to the man. Soon Nic is sweeping into her life and Lauren finds herself falling for this adult version of the boy she loved and the object of Nic's stalker who's determined to get her out of the picture.

I loved Nic and Lauren. They were absolutely hot together and clearly the other half of each other. Both of them had emotional baggage they brought into their relationship that, at time, threatened what was developing between them. How either of them reacted to that baggage could have had the story and their likeability as a couple going either way, but Kristine Cayne gave us some emotionally charged scenes as they dealt with each issue.

The stalker storyline was seriously creepy and kept me just as entertained as the romance between Nic and Lauren. I figured out early who the stalker was, but the lengths that she went to was so totally creepy and horrifying that I was riveted.

The secondary cast of characters were great and I'm hoping each one of them will get their own Deadly Vices story.

An awesome read that has found it's way on my list of books that I will definitely be rereading!

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