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Johnny Living Dangerously (JLD)

Johnny Living Dangerously - C.J. Ellisson So taking a drunken co-worker home, having sex with her and her then saying the experience was "more than tolerable" is not the best way to start a relationship. Unfortunately, this is what happens with our hero Tommy. What makes things worse, is having to Candy determined that she would never have a relationship with a boring accountant. She wants thrilling and exciting and knows it will never be Tommy.

Tommy takes that as a challenge and decides to enlighten Candy through some tying up and blind folds to show her how "unboring" a relationship with him will be.

My only issue was Tommy having to use sex to get Candy to finally see him. Seemed kind of shallow...but hey, it's fiction. Right?

This is an extremely hot, short read, which will have you looking at those working in the accounting department a little differently.

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