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Falling for Love: McCarthys of Gansett Island, Book 4

Falling for Love  - Marie Force I wasn't sure how I was going to feel about Grant. He was a man that was hung up on the woman who left him a year ago and was determine to get her back. He didn't listen when Abby repeatedly told him they were over, instead became more adamant that he'd get her back. But as Falling for Love opens, you can see that Grant is truly a lost soul and he's simply hanging onto the one lifeline he thinks will keep him above water. He doesn't anticipate anything changing his course of action, especially not the red-headed spitfire who manages his families restaurant. It's seems only one a certain appendage (below the waist) of Grant's seems to recognize Stephanie as the one who can pull him out of the slump he's in.

But Stephanie has her own issues to deal with. She's spent fourteen years trying to free her stepfather from prison. Every dime she has goes towards appealing the conviction he was wrongly given after he rescued her from her abusive mother. So while she works to right a wrong, she find herself attracted to the last man she should. She doesn't think she's good enough for Grant, but she can't seem to stay out of his business either. Grant's actions, whether it's verbally sparring with her or making love to her, slowly chips away at the barriers she's built around her heart. But she's still left with that one nagging being with her worth giving up Hollywood and the career Grant loves or will he leave her like he left Abby?

I think what makes Grant and Stephanie stand out to me as a couple in this series is that they both fought their coupling so hard. Sure they were great in bed, but it was all the other "stuff" that seemed to get in the way. They had to really dig through all that to get to their HEA.

Loved the continuation of Mac and Maddie's storyline. I think the best part of the book was when Mac told Maddie it was time to meet their daughter and when she questioned why he thought they were having a girl he said "Only a woman would create this kind of drama." I guess deciding to be born two months early during a tropical storm with no doctor (that they knew of) on the island constitues drama!

Another great addition to the series. Looking forward to more.

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