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Seduction Creek (The Layton Family)

Seduction Creek (The Layton Family) - Avery Flynn Hank Layton, who is still dealing with the aftermath of a messy divorce, is doing everything possible to avoid his mother's marital trappings. Enter Beth Martinez. Beth is Hank's sister's best friend and he's known her since she was a little girl. But he can't seem to get his body under control whenever he's around her. Deciding Beth is worth it, he starts chasing her certain he can break through her defensive walls. But Beth isn't an easy catch and Hank has his work cut out for him. Hank was one of those men that like to make people think nothing gets to them, but they end up being big softies inside. He didn't really know how to deal with Beth's continued rejection and came off like an ass at times, but he always immediately regretted...which made you like him more.

Beth hasn't had the easiest road to happiness. She was orphaned as a young girl when a drunk driver hit her family's car, killing her parent and leaving Beth stuck in the wreck watching her mother take her last breathe. She's scared to give her heart away because everything she loves is taken from her. When Hank starts pursuing her, she does her best to avoid being caught. She can't give Hank what he wants. But when Hank steps in and helps save her when the threats against her escalate, she has a hard time keeping those walls around her heart. Beth was a woman that you just wanted to hug. It just jumped off the pages that she need that comfort because she kept so much of her heartache and distress to herself.

I liked this one. Especially because of the you're my best friend's sibling/my sibling's best friend and we can't do anything romance. But the suspense around the developing casino and the threats our heroine is receiving was engaging too.

Although this is the second book in the series, you can read this as a stand alone (I haven't read the first one and wasn't completely lost...and that's always a plus). If you're looking for something quick with a suspenseful plot with evil old ladies and a hot sheriff, pick it up. You'll enjoy it.

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