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Wait For Me: Romantic Suspense

Wait for Me - Elisabeth Naughton 3.5 star rating.

This was a fun read. It had a little bit of everything with a cast of secondary characters that were just over the top (but in a good way).

Rhiann Taylor was a mess. She lost her childhood sweetheart, best friend and lover the day his car crashed into a ravine. Everything that she had planned on doing when Reed was alive fell by the wayside as she mourned and exiled herself from the spotlight. Instead, she worked on designing her own line of clothing and business. But once she starts coming out of hiding, she fighting off the papparazi, story hungry tabloid reporters determined to make Reed her brother, an over-zealous model determined to play house with her and trying to figure out what to do with all these feelings she has for a certain band's lead singer every time she sees him.

It takes each and every one of Rhiann's quirky family to help her let go of Reed and start living her life. That was the hard part for Rhiann and it didn't come easy, but when she was finally able to let go of him she was able to move forward.

In case you're wondering about those family members. Aunt Genie is my favorite. Every scene he was in it was Nathan Lane in Birdcage speaking those lines to me. Aunt Genie was priceless!

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